As part of the six-week Shoalhaven Food Network Autumn Celebration of Food, Experience Nature is thrilled to partner with Nick Gardner from Hampden Deli, Dining & School and Brenda Sambrook from Kangaroo Valley Olives and Highgrove Estate to present

KV on SHOW – Saturday 6th May 2023

To be held on the magnificent, iconic grassed Showground ring at Kangaroo Valley’s Osborne Park, surrounded by the beauty of the escarpment offering a stunning backdrop for our outdoor food event. The leisurely, long lunch is back.

This is no ordinary long lunch. We have assembled a group of renowned chefs from the Shoalhaven South Coast and surrounds to work together for a completely different type of food experience. Each chef will be presenting a three-course meal to approx. 20 guests and then joining together to create the final course, a signature collaborative dessert made in full view of the guests. Definitely, an Instagram showstopper.

From the Kitchens of Quay, Tetsuya’s, The Ledbury (London); The French Laundry (Napa Valley); Qualia (Hamilton Island); Akiba (Canberra); L’Ancienne Auberge (France); The Waterside Inn (Berkshire); Gordon Ramsay (London) and Bouchon (Napa Valley) to now our own Shoalhaven South Coast Southern Highlands Crown Jewels, KV on SHOW brings together five chefs in one spectacular showcase event.

Imagine what Nick Gardner (Hampden Deli, Dining & School, Kangaroo Valley), Sam Smith (Ponte, Nowra), Tommy Prosser (recently at Berrima Vault House, Berrima), Damian Martin (Dangerous Ales), and Chris Thornton (Restaurant Mason) can envision together.  A “chill-out lounge” also forms part of the layout and atmosphere of this outdoor lunch.

And there is a twist – you will not know which Chef’s table you and your group are seated at until you arrive at the event, although each chef will follow a formula ensuring all enjoy the main ingredients, prepared in their own unique way. And the entire dining experience will be matched with local, cool climate wines.

So, if you want to learn more about Shoalhaven South Coast growers, producers, brewers, vignerons, and our talented chefs (and their venues) this is the event for you.





KV on SHOW is a premium ticketed event at $345 per person and we expect this 4-course dining experience to last until the early twilight hours of sunset. So, block off 1pm to 5.30pm on Saturday 6 May and get ready for something new and fun, with great food, stunning award-winning wines, music and the backdrop of one of the most beautiful closed in valleys in the world.

KV is ON SHOW and you’re invited!

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KV On Show


Sat 6 May 2023

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