The Art of Being Idle doesn’t come naturally to most.
It’s rare that in our busy lives we have a spare weekend, let alone a spare minute to just take life in. In the digital age we are always connected and always looking for something to occupy us.  Now the world is changing, real time at home just became the new SLOW. Maintaining physical distance but keeping and craving social connection is the new daily grind. To distract you from what is going on around you, we wanted to share some amazing animals, incredible people and some micro adventures you can embark during this time. 

Micro Adventure | Full Moon Hike
Use this time to take an adventure of a different kind. 
Take a Full Moon Hike on Wednesday, 8 April and experience nature from a different perspective. You may even see some nocturnal animals out and about.

Eco-Warriors | James Grugeon
All over the planet people are focusing on the safe keeping of our natural environment. We share their mission and want to highlight their efforts in making a difference in the world. James Grugeon started The Good Beer Co a social enterprise that exists to create good beers to fund and raise profile for good causes. Let’s get behind this eco-warrior!

Wild Animals | Golden Australian Possum
Our native animals have had an incredibly difficult bushfire season and for them its not over yet. SO now is the time to remember there are so many creatures great and small that call our blue planet home. Introducing the Golden Australian Possum who is brightening our day. Born with a “genetic mutation – resulting in low levels of melanin, meaning that instead of her fur being brown, it’s instead turned out gold.  Her bright colour scheme has earned a very fitting name: Pikachu.

Looking for an Outdoor Adventure in Spring? 
A Wild Night Out at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve invites families to experience nature with ranger activities, family glamping and stories around the campfire. 
We are now taking bookings for September/October 2020.