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As the founder of a bespoke destination marketing company, TRAVEL is my first great love, my oxygen, my need, as it opens up the chance to experience all the other the things I cherish.

Working in the travel industry creating memories for our guests means when I travel, I choose carefully, I do my research, interview friends who have been there and decide where best to invest my hard-earned dollars. This year I have chosen to share the places I go to experience nature with my work community.

Some recommendations are just places you must visit as a wildlife devotee such as the Galapagos Islands and some are curated trips I am going on such as Legends Abroad to Antarctica. Want to come along? Any questions just email me and lets chat

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Legends Abroad Antarctica

It’s taken too long to mark this one off the bucket list. I first investigated working as a chef in Antarctica at university to get to see my beloved penguins and decades later I am finally booked to realise that dream.

Legends Abroad is a private trip arranged by friends from Wonder & Wander and requires a screening process to book. I have attended trips with them before and I know the boat will be filled with my tribe, my community and like-minded people who want to see what is happening to our planet first hand.

This is not a trip you can find through just any travel agent, it’s come through personal relationships and friendships. If you care about Climate Change and want to get involved, lets chat. After that I am happy to make an introduction if we both think this is right for you. I am going with 4 other friends 4-15 March 2024. Read brochure HERE

The Enchantment of Galapagos

Some of us will go to all four corners of the planet for a wildlife encounter. I have sat with silverback gorillas on the volcanic slopes of Rwanda, followed wild dogs for two days through grasslands of South Africa, hiked in the Sumatran jungle for a glimpse of an Orangutan and sat in the dark as dawn broke just to hear the Black Gibbon song in North Vietnam. So Galapagos for me was simply a matter of when do I go. And now that I have been I would say to anyone who wants to listen – make it a must do trip for you as well.

Have a read here about my experience, some memories can not equate to any price tag and yes, I took this picture of a mocking bird on a sea iguana….just go, its incredible

Misty Mountain Gorillas

Sitting on a mountain top in Rwanda with a 200kg Silverback Gorilla is life changing. Make no mistake its a journey to get there and not an experience that is easily matched, anywhere in the world.

I have been three times now and am planning to go again very soon. Have a read why saving these long lost cousins was Diane Fossey’s greatest gift to the world.

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