Are you following the biggest trends that have emerged in 2021 during global lockdowns?

Making your own sourdough, banana bread and preserves are so 2020 as we have upped the ante with our favourites, inspiring enough to put on the to do list for this year

Dalgona coffee emerged during the first few months of the pandemic, and its named after the Korean sugar candy ‘dalgona’ popular in the 70s and 80s. It’s made by whipping equal portions instant coffee with sugar and hot water into a froth before pouring over milk

#pancakecereal has clocked up over 1.6 billions views as people stuck indoors are looking for ways to take their kinds of their stress and anxiety by joining the Miniature food craze. Apparently smaller versions of everything make people happy.

Creative cooks have made Gardenscape Focaccia a social media trend and we can thank Samin Nosrat on her Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat show on Netflix for kick starting the movement

Cloud Bread has boomeranged back from the 1970’s, Mug Cakes are the new dessert trend and doughnuts have become their own kingdom with favour sensations filling our feeds.

One thing is for sure – localism is accelerating. Here are a few or our favourite local bites that will stay on the menu long after Covid 19 is a memory ….