Forget the Plane….Its all about National Parks and our Canoes, Cool Climate Wines & Canapés

“There’s escaping the city for an afternoon, and then there’s driving 20 minutes down a dirt road to a secluded river and hopping into a canoe. In this canoe, it’s quiet, very still.

The Kangaroo Valley’s bushland surrounds you, ascending on either side of the waterway, creating a landscape that’s punctuated only by the occasional kingfisher flapping by or a solitary trout breaking the surface with a small splash.

And I haven’t even mentioned the best bit: this canoe is filled with wine. And snacks. So as you’re floating down the river — minimal paddling is necessary — you’ll be able to pop a bottle of local sparkling and tuck into a few canapés.”

Sometimes its best to let others tell the story

Great words by Lauren Vadnjal after her canoe day with us. This is our signature experience and its an adventure like no other.