Peggy McDonald yet again has another injured owl that came into her care.
She is, without doubt, one of the most committed wildlife warriors not only in the Southern Highlands but in Australia and her work on rehabilitating and researching raptors is leading the charge in helping protect these endangered birds. Peggy founded ARCC Inc and now runs her education and rehabilitation under her sub brand – HigherGround Raptors.

Peggy takes these birds of prey into her care, ensures they get the medical care they need and offers them safe refuge in readiness for their re release into the wild. And running the largest facility of its kind on the Southern Hemisphere also means she is making sure that valuable knowledge and research is carried out to help ensure their future survival.

Like so many dedicated Australians caring for our wildlife Peggy does all this through donations and its only the generosity of the local community that keeps facilities like ARCC Inc functioning. Fortunately about 18 months ago Wildlife Link got involved and now sponsor the food cost and medicines for her work but there is always more that is needed. At WILDfest™ we share Peggy’s love of all things wild and wildlife so have chosen to offer our support through the festival and an annual fundraiser each year to make a difference.

Get involved and help our wild birds – donations greatly accepted through ARCC Inc’s website

Please specify what the donations are for e.g. for HigherGround Raptor care so the funds get to the right place. At the moment Peggy is fundraising for a Wedge-tail Eagle Intensive Care Unit as well as building some new feeder aviaries that will lead into the already established Peter Spitzer free flight aviary.

And for more information on Peggy and her work read this incredible story in Australian Geographic written by Peter Meredith. Our Birds of Prey are too precious not to fight for their ongoing place in our wilderness.